Personal Brand (@Ewdatsgross)

My personal twitter brand, (@ewdatsgross across social medias), has successfully cultivated a small following of over 125k, with an average of 38.4 million impressions per month. I have an incredibly strong engagement rate, with all of my tweets averaging a minimum of 1,000 likes per tweet, and nearly 50,000 impressions. On average my twitter analytics stand at 4.5% engagement rate, 1.5k click links a day, 9.5k retweets a day, and 53.2k likes a day. But, That’s just Twitter.

After realizing I needed to expanded into different platforms, I drove my audience to Instagram, where I Primarily hang out these days. With 35k followers, Imay be a smaller creator, but on average reach almost 90 thousand accounts weekly, with an average of 2k story views daily, 2k+ “likes” on static posts, and 10k+ views on every reel . I’m also part of the creator fund on the platform, and have been focusing primarily on video content.

Which is is why I left Tik Tok. After garnering a following of 25k in under 6 months, I was accepted into Tik Tok’s creator fund, but decided to pursue Reels instead. My time on Tik Tok was an invaluable experience, with several of my videos getting over one million views–a goal I never had previously thought possible.

As of August 2022, I have also been honing my copywriting skills. While my content has been featured in Buzzfeed numerous times, and made an appearance on nearly every meme account and sub-Reddit, I’ve been pursuing more long form content. I have had 4 articles published, all of which you can find here. Unfortunately none of this makes me an internet celebrity according to my mom.

Looking to reach a Mill-zennial audience? I have worked with several companies to produce sponsored story content such as Drunk Elephant and Hinge, and am willing to sell out to other brands as well (seriously, Flat Tummy tea, please DM me).

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