King’s Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian came to us with one goal for an Influencer Campaign: “Make us go viral”. So, we did.

Hand sourcing Influencers, I created a campaign brief with one intention: to create a piece of content so thumb-stopping, it had to go viral. And it worked.

But what worked even better was the piece of content that King’s Hawaiian (against my recommendation) refused to use in their campaign. Deeming it “too weird”, the creator was compensated for the video, edited out all mentions of the brand, and posted it organically where it organically received 16.5 Million views.

Below are some of the pieces of content that they did choose to include.


#ad Take your grilled cheese to the next level with this sandwich hack using King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread! #ad #sandwichesoftiktok #sandwichtiktok #kingshawaiianpartner #cheesepull #foodie #foodwanderer

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

#ad Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls using King’s Hawaiian Rolls is the perfect dessert hack for the holidays! #KingsHawaiianPartner #holidayhack #lifehack #cookinghack #kitchenhack #easyholidayrecipe #kingshawaiian

♬ original sound – MamaInTheKitchen

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